Wedding Ceremony Locations

Every bride wants to remember her wedding for a lifetime. This is the reason why they choose wedding receptions and wedding ceremony venues that are attractive and beautiful.

So whether your choice is a beach-side wedding or a botanical garden, you are only bound by your own imagination. Here are listed a few options you might want to consider.


Wedding In A Castle

One of the alternatives for a wedding ceremony location could include a castle.



A castle is the perfect location for a medieval-themed wedding. The grounds are beautifully kept and could offer great opportunities for your wedding photographs. You could have an outdoor ceremony on the grounds with a beautiful indoor candlelight reception. With accommodation on the grounds, it’s a perfect location to spend your first night together.


Wedding On A Golf Course

Golf clubs have also become a popular choice for a wedding ceremony and reception venue location. Get married on a golf course and drive away in the custom-decorated “just married” golf cart.



Wedding On The Beach

Another possibility is to hold your wedding ceremony on the beach.



A beach wedding can give you many options with regard to decorating your event. A daytime ceremony and reception create a carefree atmosphere with lots of space and beautiful beach wedding scenery. A night-time wedding reception, on the other hand, could be creatively located in a tent or marquee decorated with tables on the sand and candle centerpieces to light the event.


Wedding In The Snowy Mountains

Get married in the snow!



Why not opt for a winter wedding in the mountains? That would definitely be something original and exciting.


Wedding On A Yacht

Another romantic and nontraditional way to celebrate your wedding is by getting married on a yacht or a luxury boat.



Imagine you and your guests sailing into a stunning pink and orange sunset with the ocean enveloping you. This is a beautiful backdrop to hold your wedding ceremony.

If you want a wedding that is out of the ordinary then these are merely a few choices for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception location. Planning an unconventional wedding can be both fun and exciting for both you and your guests.

So make a lasting impression on your wedding day by choosing one of the above non-traditional wedding venues. Surprise your guests and enjoy your special day.



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