How To Prevent Bridal Beauty Mishaps


What To Do About Wedding Beauty Disasters And How To Avoid Them?



Your wedding day is going to be emotional so waterproof mascara is a must. But have you also considered waterproof eyeliner?

The eyeliner can also smudge horribly when things get teary. Opt for a long-lasting gel eyeliner or a well-tested smudge-proof pencil.

Don’t be surprised when your false eyelashes also cause chaos because of all that emotion and eyelash glue.

Investing in quality professionally applied semi-permanent lashes ahead of time is a good idea. They will also have you looking a bit more awake, and twinkly-eyed the day after the wedding, too.



A well-chosen self-tan can make skin look great and can add a little confidence if you’re baring a lot of skin for your wedding dress. However, different tanning products can give various results.

So while a ‘medium’ in one brand gives you a golden color, a ‘medium’ in another brand could make you look like a ‘roasted turkey’, which is obviously not what you want.

So how do you prevent this from happening? Most importantly, do one or two test runs, and see how the finished tan works with white fabric. If it all works well, don’t get the actual tan done too close to the wedding but a couple of days before, which will ensure your skin has a nice and settled color. For more information about getting a spray tan before the wedding day, check my other post.

You must also keep in mind that some makeup can have light-reflecting properties that make skin look paler in photos. Do some trial runs to make sure your face and the rest of your body end up the same color!




The hairdo is probably one of the most important beauty decisions to make for your Big Day. The main thing to remember is not to wash your hair the morning of the wedding. One day’s hair usually has more grip and holds a style better than soft, freshly washed hair.

Trying out some different hairstyles well in advance is always a good idea. You want to feel comfortable with your hairdo on your wedding day, and it should be true to your own style as well. A firm hairdo on your head won’t suit you if you’re more of a casual boho kind of girl.

If you’re going for an up-do, test it out the day of your hair trial. The up-do is supposed to survive a day and a night of partying and dancing, so move, jump, and dance around, and see if it holds.

On the day of the wedding, you may use hairspray and spare hair clips in case it all starts to unravel during the reception. Just pin unruly bits back in place or take it all down and twist it up into a pretty bun. Your guests will think you did it deliberately!



No matter how careful you can be with your skincare regime, getting lots of facials, drinking a lot of water, and eating healthy, and then you can find yourself waking up with a huge, red pimple on your face the morning of your wedding. Blemishes are known to be likely to appear at the most inconvenient time, too!

But don’t freak out and don’t try to squeeze it! There is a great makeup artist trick to apply a dot of anti-redness eye drops to the spot. The drops will constrict the blood vessels and should take some of the redness out.

You may apply a spot zapper as well, however, lots of these can dry out your skin and makeup will cake over them. Use a cotton bud and apply concealer to the offending area, then tap a little powder to set. Also, for greater peace of mind, have one of your bridesmaids watch and let you know in case the spot reappears.



Brides can sometimes lose their minds over the wedding day, but the most important thing is that you are comfortable with your look. Ensure you are 100% happy with the makeup artist and hair stylist that you’ve selected.

Do a lot of research on various looks and styles, and even get some makeovers done at cosmetics counters to see how you feel wearing different looks. After all, it should still look like you, but on your best day.

Finally, don’t allow any wedding beauty nightmares to give you sleepless nights, and don’t let unforeseen beauty disasters overwhelm you on the wedding day. Just relax and make sure you are the most happy, glowy, and most beautiful version of yourself during this special event.


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