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How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Cake


One of the most important parts of the wedding reception is the wedding cake so make sure that you choose the best wedding cake for your big day. Wedding cake doesn’t need to be plain vanilla white anymore. There are many delicious flavors and creative ways to have your cake made.

Wedding cakes serve as a dessert for wedding and their principal function is to satisfy the appetite of guests. So the wedding cake must be delicious!

Ask yourself which one you would prefer for your wedding cake, buttercream or fondant? Buttercream is well known for its silky taste, while fondant cake, compared with the former is superior in its moulding capacity. So if you would like to make your wedding cake look more fantastic and charming, then fondant may be your choice.

But most people would doubt if there exists a cake which satisfies both taste needs and visual effect needs. Actually, you can combine both with frosting. The cake can be made covered with buttercream frosting first, and then added a layer of fondant over the connection.

Croquembouche would also be a quite good choice for your cake. The traditional French take snack which is covered with full-bodied chocolate cream would no doubt make you have a good appetite.

Fragrant cheese cake is also quite popular among people. If you want to know what is a fashionable wedding cake, the answer may be ice cream cake. The exquisite pastry is processed with special crafting, and under the cream crust, you may have a taste of the light ice cream.

It’s a good idea to choose your wedding cake design according to the color theme of your wedding. You can even request that a designer try to emulate the design and style of your wedding gown into your cake. Depending on the season, your cake designer can come up with fabulous wedding cakes with snowflakes and icicles for winter, chrysanthemums and autumn colored leaves for fall, daisies and raindrops for spring, and tulips and roses for summer.

Thinking in terms of fun and creativity will help achieve unique and wonderful results.


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