Vintage Theme

Ideas For Planning A Vintage Wedding


A wedding vintage theme might make you feel as if you’ve traveled through time. However, you don’t need a time machine to travel back in time during your wedding. In fact, you can easily create the perfect ambiance for your vintage theme wedding reception.

And if you want your Big Day to look like something from the past but you are not sure where to start, I offer a few inspirations…


Vintage Theme Wedding Attire

An easy way to make your dress seem vintage-inspired is to go for lacey options. Lace wedding dresses have stood the test of time and are absolutely breathtaking. A long-sleeved, modest lace wedding gown would complete this look for the most vintage feel possible.

It’s clever to combine these vintage-inspired wedding dresses with equally vintage hair accessories. The tiara will add a touch of royal feeling to your special day. Feel like a princess for a day. You can create the tiara of your dreams for your own wedding here.

Bridal tiara

If your wedding is more casual, going for loose hair combined with a flower crown will add some vintage bohemian flair.

If you’d prefer to stay true to the vintage theme, consider using a Juliet headdress. This headdress is reminiscent of 1920s weddings.

It might be useful to hire a wedding stylist who will help you select the right accessories that stick to your vintage theme and will assist you with wedding styling in general.



Wedding centerpieces grab a lot of attention at the wedding party and that’s why they are an extremely important element of the theme wedding décor. You’ll want to keep the style of your centerpieces vintage, but simple, such as this cute bicycle centerpiece. And nothing could be worse than a gaudy centerpiece.


Table centerpieces, bicycle centerpiece, centerpieces, vintage centerpiece


Vintage-inspired wedding centerpieces which include flowers are very visually pleasing, especially in the summer. They add a lot of color, liveliness, and romance to the setting.

For a fresh and floral look, place flowers of your choice into golden antique vases. Roses would work best for this. For a less formal look, use an old milk bottle for your flower arrangements. This look will be more rustic than the vases. Vintage cans or mason jars can also be used for this.



If you want something delicate and detailed, go for mini floral arrangements. Pair these with small crystal vases, pearls, and lacey tablecloths.




There are many small touches that can be added to the décor in order to make it seem more vintage-inspired. Finding a fully qualified wedding stylist who can transform a simple venue into a vintage fairytale wonderland is easy, in case you don’t feel like you could handle the task yourself.

One exceptional touch you could include is having your vows calligraphed on the aisle runner. This will be a very personal touch and the appearance will be like that of an old scroll.

Using vintage lanterns, old urns, and classically designed pillars to hold floral decorations will also contribute to a more vintage feel of the place.



Here are some suggestions for a detail that I consider to be beautiful, and at the same time, simple and very delicate. To create a rustic vintage wedding theme, you may adapt such rustic vintage pieces to the classic wedding decorations.




Your bouquet can be transformed into something from the past by making use of a few simple vintage decorations. Some companies offer many beautiful vintage accessories that can make your bouquet look rustic and old school. These would include items like pearls, antique brooches, and heirloom jewelry.




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