History Of Diamond Engagement Rings

Why diamonds are so popular for an engagement ring?

Engagement rings have been introduced in the 1400s and has been present since then, but it was during the 1930s than that the diamond has been introduced. Since then various earth gems were present, however, the most loved is the diamond and these days it has been the most preferred stone for an engagement ring. Diamond goes with the metal platinum, so when you want to be engaged with someone you must opt for this very beautiful combination to seal the real relationship.

You can choose the best one from the different styles of diamond engagement rings, such as a single diamond without the side stone, the three stone engagement ring, and the trinity engagement ring which is with three stones. People often choose to give the trinity ring with three diamond stones that gives the meaning for the past, present and the future.

Considering that there are different kinds of stones available in the market, a diamond has been favoured, it has been presented as women’s best friend since most of them receive it for an engagement.

People also consider to give diamonds as a representation of eternity. It is an ideal gesture to be given by an engagement ring since it represents everlasting love.

Diamond is vital and very durable, it can outlive the humans here on earth. So people are giving diamond ring for an engagement because they are firm to believe that the diamond ring on the engagement strengthens the relationship and the entire marriage. It is vital that the diamond ring on the engagement must not be associated with the wealth, power, greed and prestige.

For sure it is due to the durability that diamonds are now being used in various rings, and your own offsprings can also make this ring as a present in the future.