Find A Beach Wedding Dress To Match Your Style


A beach wedding is an ideal go-to for a destination wedding. Weddings on the beach or on the seaside are increasingly popular choices when it comes to finding the perfect setting for the couple’s special day.

It is a laid-back form of event because the bride and groom don’t need to be too dressy with their wedding attire, if they choose not to be.

And it is even easier for the brides since they do not have to spend much for their beach wedding dress.


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This is one of Ever-Pretty’s most beautiful and very affordable wedding dresses for your special day. This V-neck dress features a lace bodice, a sheer lace back design, and a floor-length lace train. In this elegant and sophisticated dress design, you will feel like a million bucks without spending a fortune.


For this special occasion, the brides often choose to stay informal and would also love to use their casual beach wedding dress to mirror their own unique style and personality, and how exactly they feel about one of the most important days in their life.

Sometimes, they can just grab a white beach sundress from their closet and jazz it up with natural-looking accessories for a more boho chick style. The bride can absolutely look stunning without putting in too much effort.


wedding dress, boho chic dress, bohemian chic dress, boho dress, maxi dress, lace dressCreate the perfect bohemian chic outfit with this beautiful gown from NeeSee’s Dresses! You will absolutely love this floral lace overlay, which adds a gorgeous feminine touch to this dress.


However, whether you choose to have just a small, casual wedding on the beach or a formal marriage ceremony at a tropical 5-star beach resort, choosing your wedding gown is still one of the most important decisions you will need to make.

It is important that you choose the right wedding dress which will not only match the beach wedding theme but will also cope with all the inconveniences that go with having your event organized outdoors on the beach.

Because of the increasing popularity of getting married on the beach, you now have a choice of a wide variety of beach wedding dress styles for sale. In general, a better quality dress can be very expensive. However, if you don’t want to shell out a lot of money for beautiful beach wedding attire, you do have options.

There are several excellent sites online that offer a wide variety of dresses, particularly for beach weddings at very reasonable prices, and they are well worth your visit.

But it is important to be an informed shopper before you buy so that you can be sure that you are getting the exact beach wedding dress you desire and the very best value for your money.


In preparation for her dream wedding day, each bride should consider these things to help her choose the perfect beach wedding gown:

• Ease Of Transport

Most beach weddings are held out of town. You want to make sure that you can carry your gown without any difficulties. Choose something that you can pack with your other stuff without having to worry about losing its form.

• Ability To Hold Its Shape

There are many outdoor factors that can distort the shape of your gown. It can be the temperature or the wind. Thus, it is important to find gowns that are able to keep their form despite the presence of these factors.


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Simple, sweet yet elegant, this perfect fitted dress from Kennedy Blue is a spaghetti strap bridal gown with a strappy back and all the right details you will fall head over heels in love with. A real showstopper!


• Dress Design And Material

Temperature is one of the concerns in a beach wedding. Most of the time, they are held when the weather is sunny. Therefore, there is no reason for you to select thick clothing materials for your dress and go for heavy designs.

Choose designs that are subtle, lightweight, and simple yet classy. You should feel flirty and free in the breezy beach wedding dress.

Strapless and sleeveless dresses are the very best for hot summer days. If you’re having a casual beach wedding event, put on a simple but stylish slip dress.


wedding, wedding dress, dress, bridal gown, bride, long wedding dress, sleeveless wedding dressWhy not go for this beautiful sleeveless fishtail wedding dress from Ever Pretty?


The material should be really pleasant to the skin of the woman wearing it. Look for dresses made of light materials or other lightweight fabrics such as silk, organza (thin, plain weave material), satin, or lace. On the day you’d be glad you’ve made this choice.


wedding dress, organza bridal gown, organza wedding dress, organza dress, maxi dress, lace dressThis elegant lace and organza bridal gown from Kennedy Blue is the perfect, stylish way to say “I do”!


• Your Comfort

You should be able to move freely with what you wear. Do not choose body-hugging gowns on the beach. It might be too difficult for you to walk on the sand. You also want to be able to breathe properly in it, especially on a nerve-racking occasion like this.


eyelet bodice dress, eyelet dress, wedding dress, wedding gownIt’s such a feminine and flowy wedding dress from NeeSee’s Dresses. This simple dress features an eyelet detailed bodice and the ever-lovely high/low wrap style skirt, and is just perfect to say “yes” on the beach!


The beach wedding dress needs to be simple and loosely fitted, and can also show some of your sensuality. Maybe a silk slip dress or a strapless neckline can highlight your sensual appeal?

Spaghetti straps might do wonders to enhance the casual style of your gown. Spaghetti strap dresses are incredibly feminine, sexy, and versatile, and are an excellent item to show off your body in a very flattering way. Pairing a spaghetti strap dress with accessories and elegant sandals will give a more polished and upscale look.


wedding dress, wedding gown, bridal gown, spaghetti strap wedding dress, mermaid wedding dressThis stunning trumpet mermaid spaghetti strap wedding gown from Cocomelody is so seductive with its beautifully detailed lace, the sweep train, appliques beading, and sashes.


Also, there is nothing wrong with wearing a backless wedding dress and this is an amazing idea that will be a perfect fit for many brides. If they have a beautiful body that they like to show off, there is no better way than to have a backless wedding dress.

Some brides may even choose a gown with a lower-cut neckline so that they can reveal a little cleavage. This is something that will be a great accent to many women and they will want to feel like a beauty queen on their big day in their perfect dress.


wedding dress, wedding gown, bridal gown, lace wedding dress, backless wedding dressA lace top wedding dress from Kennedy Blue featuring a figure-flattering crepe skirt and a back that will leave everyone in complete awe!


Many brides will look and feel great in a strapless or a backless wedding dress that perfectly matches their body and style. On the contrary, it can be a risky choice for other women. So it is all up to you, your style and personality, and how you wish to present yourself on your wedding day.


• Dress Length

Lengths for beach wedding dresses vary as well. The length of the gown could be traditionally long or knee-length. Decide if you want to have an ankle-length dress or if you prefer a shorter style.

Normally, a knee-length wedding dress is appropriate for a wedding day on the beach. It will allow you to feel comfortable and stay cool in the hot summer weather. You could adopt a tea-size dress or could even experiment with a short skirt-type gown, depending on how you feel.


beach wedding dress tulle, tulle beach wedding dress, beach wedding dress, wedding dress, beach wedding dress tea length, wedding dress tea length, lace wedding dressThis sweetheart sleeveless beach wedding dress from Cocomelody has a natural tea length and is suitable for all silhouettes. Its beautiful tulle and lace detail will make everyone go WOW!


• Dress Color

You will find that there are multitudes of colors and shades to choose from. You may like to choose traditional colors such as purely white, off-white, pale pink, or other soft pastel shades, which are greatly suited for a beach wedding dress.

Some brides will feel more relaxed in a dress in this color range. You can also slightly experiment with different options of colors, as the wedding setting is usually casual.

There is no special rule saying that your wedding dress has to be white, however, the “wearing white” concept has been taken from history.

While the majority of brides today prefer to wear white on their special day, wearing a white gown has only been a wedding tradition for less than two hundred years. Until Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown in 1840, brides used to wear the best dress they owned for their marriage ceremony. Sometime after Victoria and Albert’s royal wedding, a bride wearing white on her wedding day symbolized her purity and virginity.


In fact these days many brides tend to stay away from the traditional white and go for something fun with lots of color to add some intensity to their wedding celebration. They prefer a little bolder color for their wedding outfit, including yellow, blue, or even red. It is a great way for the bride to reflect her style and personality on her Big Day.


wedding dress, bridal gown, beach wedding dress blue, blue beach wedding dress, light blue beach wedding dress, beach wedding dress with color, beach wedding dresses with color, long wedding dress, maxi wedding dress, wedding, sleeveless wedding dress, colorful beach wedding dressThis dusty blue bridal dress from Ever Pretty is just perfect for a wedding on the beach. The neckline is decorated with delicate lace and rhinestones while the pleating in the bust and waist creates a figure-flattering silhouette.


Indeed, beach wedding dresses are simple yet elegant and classy. But you can decide what wedding attire you wish to wear and be true to your own style.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, just go for it! This is your moment so be creative and show off your style and personal taste.

Explore the unique wedding dresses above to make your Big Day even more special. And with our tips, you will surely look beautiful, comfortable, and stunning for your dream wedding day.


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